The first weekend, the last summer.
29 April, 2007, 1:30 pm
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When are sure that something is not going to happen, it does. I found myself eager to go away for the weekend, but my gut continued to speak louder than my anxiety, telling me: “Stay, relax.” So I did. Believe it or not, I was exhausted from travelling, and my taste for it had gone sour. (But only for this weekend!)

I could smell the rain since Thursday and the skies finally broke yesterday, and the roads began to let the steam rise from their crevices. Off in the distance I saw a sun like I had never seen before, red, burning behind the fog and clouds that never seem to burn off.

I couldn’t put a price on the silence that permeated my room, with our balcony door opening and the only music was the sound of the rain drops on our awnings.

With a plethora of time on my hands I began to realize and take note of the things that I was going to miss most when I depart my little Swiss Miss box in three weeks.

“Love, Switzerland”

  • Walking for an hour before dinner with Jessica and an hour after dinner with my chums, around the mountains, beside the lake, and generally, always with the most breathtaking views before our eyes.
  • The amount of curry served in the cafeteria at DCT as well as the espresso machine.
  • #52 at the Kiosk vending machine: Comella Choco-drink, high in protien, low in fat, rich in flavor.
  • The fact that no matter where you look, the mountains and hills are plush with green (even in the winter!)
  • Public transportation: You can take a (very clean)train from anywhere, to anywhere, and it is always on time. Ditto ferries and buslines.
  • The Swiss breakfast: (good) yogurt, museli (better than granola), and fresh breads that are dropped of to the school every morning my our local bakery.
  • The amount of time in a day spent on leisure by the Swiss, and generally all of Europe. (Two hour lunches with wine would never fly in the States.)
  • The ubiquity of Smart Cars.
  • Dogs go everywhere – trains, grocery stores, cafes.

    The list goes on – and this is just in Vitznau. All of the cities that I have been to in the past two months (London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Vienna, Prague, Zurich) all have thier own.

    I’ve been making a list of things that I want to do this Summer, as it will be the last one before I graduate and officially enter the full-time workforce. Of course there is a heavy influence coming from my lack of ability to cook here, and the anticipation of Summer’s bounty. So in short, there are the things I am most looking foward to doing for the next three months:

    • Vegetate in Hilton Head with Jes
    • Make Pesto with fresh Basil that is always cheap and plentiful at the farmer’s market
    • Eat a ripe tomato, and make sauces for the winter.
    • Consume Summer’s bounty, Summer corn.
    • Make Jams, specifically Fig.
    • Pick strawberries from the vine that are still warm from the sun
    • Make buttons!
    • Cook dinner every sunday for a group of my friends
    • Finish reading the Art of Eating by MFK Fisher.
    • Get a Mr. Waffles, also known as our first puppy, a white English Bulldog.