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8 May, 2007, 7:59 pm
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Adapting to a new place of residence (as some would call culture shock) never gives you the feeling that one day, when you leave, you might miss the small things, which we all inevitably do. For me, it will be such things as afternoon walks with Jes, the anticipation of curries in the dining hall and over all beauty in the small town of Vitznau.

Next week, I depart Switzerland and return to the fast paced, and seemingly never-sleeping country of America. While I am more than excited about getting back into my kitchen, and actually being able to buy groceries to cook with, it comes with a price. My best recommendation to anyone who hasn’t lived outside of the States, is to try it on for size. It might be difficult at first, as any move can be, but the rewards and the new outlook on life that you will likely have is absolutely priceless, even if you can’t cook for yourself for three months and have to deal with everything closing at six p.m.

On the bright side of the post, I will be making a trip to Paris AND Brussels this weekend in an effort to indulge in French cuisine (and waffles + frenchfries), and buy massive amounts of quality chocolate that one could only dream of importing in to the U.S.(i.e. Pierre Herme, La Maison du Chocolate, etc). The final perk and something to be truly missed is being in a city so conducive to walking. In my home city, there is very little area to do it, and the surroundings don’t hold a candle to the Alps that I’ve been living in or the cobblestone streets that I’ve been walking on. Thank goodness there are people like


to help us find the best places in short amount of times for such activities.


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