20 August, 2007, 7:24 pm
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A sure sign that your blog has been stagnant is when it doesn’t come up in the address bar after the first few letters. But, I assure you it is not because I haven’t been thinking about it. Frankly, I haven’t been cooking much. I’ve taken on a management position in my company as well as continuing to wait tables at night. It’s an equation that yields very little free time to make it to the farmer’s market, and even less to cook.

I am happy to say that the fruits of my labor are coming, as I have an article in the upcoming issue of Uptown magazine. It is small publication here in Charlotte, and the piece showcases one of the most important products to the security of jobs and economy here in North Carolina: Pork. However, it’s shown in a different light: Pork, it’s what’s for breakfast! I’ll post a link when the issue comes out.

Once I get into the routine of my new job, and figure out what 30-minute meals are I will continue regular posting. Until then I am going to kick up my feet and indulge in current issues of Food and Wine and Gourmet, which I have been saving for this day OFF.


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