A New Pair of Shoes.
16 November, 2008, 10:42 am
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One year, one city and one job later I have arrived. Someone reminded me that I had a blog a few days ago, and I thought yes, I also have a kitchen aid that is collecting more dust than I’d like to admit.

So you see my point. I’m still making random batches of brownies and oatmeal raisin cookies, sometimes with a twist. But, being in a new home with a brand new schedule has made baking a little less appealing, especially since I don’t have the audience and test buddies that I use to have in Charlotte.

But, now that it’s Fall and warmth breeds contempt for an empty kitchen, I’m breaking out the butter, sugar and flour. Let us start with this.


What’s on your to-do list today?

My secret love: grocery shopping, My 2nd Secret Love: Stationary Store Shopping, followed by cooking, baking and undefeated football.

Favorite Snack of the Moment:

Unsulfured Dried Prunes & Dry Roasted/Unsalted Almonds from Trader Joes.

What are you looking forward to in the next month?

Getting my mixer going, final projects, first events, traveling to see my family and maybe a great DJ or two in the mix.

Things you would like to be looking forward to next month?

Traveling to a beach, no itinerary, with good people and warm weather. For a week.



Who had the most recent influence on your cooking? 

I actually learned how to cook all on my own with many thanks to Martha & Ina. Eventually I was able to go into a grocery store, pick out what I thought looked good and concocted something at home. I owe that to working as a server in a restaurant where I was able to watch the cooks in our open kitchen. One specifically comes to mind. He taught me three valuable techniques in cooking: 

1. Bottom Set & Top Set: This is imperative especially with fish. It has more to do with presentation, but it makes sense to have your starch and veg on the bottom, and maybe a small salad or garnish on top. There isn’t much beauty in the meat and three look anymore.

2. Protien, Starch, Veg, Sauce: The way a meal should be. 

3. Beans, beans, beans: Beans to me have always mean kidney or black. I also fondly remember butter beans that my mother made on cold nights in North Carolina. However, when J started to cook for me, he taught me first how to make veg stock (a pillar in my cooking) and then fresh beans. 

What would be your most valued or used kitchen gadgets? 

My Kitchen Aid mixer and my sheet pans. No brownies, cakes or cookies can be made without them.

What are food can you not live without?

Coffee isn’t food, and caffeine aside, I love my big brown bag of Bella Donovan coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Company. Some people take showers to wake up, I just add coffee. Bananas, almonds, prunes, lettuces and other vegetables and fruits are staples in my daily meals. 

You will probably never eat avocado again. I ate it once and got really sick. While I won’t say I’m “allergic”, the memory is lucid enough to remind me when I see it.

Someone would say your flawless dish is not a dish at all. Just simple brownies. 

Most memorable things you have recently eaten

Cupcake trio with brown sugar ice cream, Butternut & Apple Soup, Fruity Pebble Ice Cream, General Tsao Sweetbreads, and apple butter. Like a black dress, it never goes out of style.